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Bracing alternatives in tapered frames under wind loads

dc.creatorRivera A.M.M.
dc.identifier.citation11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering
dc.description.abstractThe level of risk caused by forces of the nature could be reduced with an appropriate intervention of vulnerability, since such threats cannot be reduced. One of the alternatives to reduce the structural vulnerability of buildings is provide elements, such as bracing, to improve their behavior when they are subjected to forces arising from these threats. The reduction of vulnerability in buildings type warehouse is achieved with elements that help to absorb horizontal forces acting on it, such as bracing and wind bracing. Due to the limited information about the better way to distribute these elements to reach a good configuration of the structure, we present this document, where we will analyze different distributions for the bracing that provides the best cost-benefit.eng
dc.format.mediumRecurso electrónico
dc.titleBracing alternatives in tapered frames under wind loads
dcterms.bibliographicCitationGómez, A., Cuadro, M., Alternativas de rigidización en pórticos metálicos acartelados sometidos a cargas de viento (2003) Proyecto de Grado Para Optar El Título de Ingeniero Civil, , Universidad de Cartagena, Cartagena. Directed by: Ing. Mic. Antonio Merlano
dcterms.bibliographicCitationPeña, J., Vargas, O., Alternativas de rigidización en pórticos metálicos acartelados. (Arriostramiento tipo rodillo en parte de su altura) (2005) Proyecto de Grado Para Optar El Título de Ingeniero Civil, , Universidad de Cartagena, Cartagena. Directed by Ing. Mic. Antonio Merlano
dcterms.bibliographicCitation(1997) NormasColombianas de Diseño y Construcción Sismo Resistente, , NSR - 98. Asociación de Ingeniería Sísmica AIS. Ley 400 de. Decreto 33 de 1998. República de Colombia
dcterms.bibliographicCitation(1989) Manual of Steel Construction Allowable Stress Design, , AISC, Ninth Edition. Fourth impression (September)
dcterms.bibliographicCitation(2002) Minimum Design Load for Building and Other Structures, , ASCE 7-02
dc.source.event11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering
dc.subject.keywordsDifferent distributions
dc.subject.keywordsHorizontal forces
dc.subject.keywordsLimited information
dc.subject.keywordsStructural vulnerability
dc.subject.keywordsWind load
dc.subject.keywordsEnergy resources
dc.subject.keywordsRenewable energy resources
dc.subject.keywordsEnvironmental engineering
dc.rights.ccAtribución-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional
dc.identifier.instnameUniversidad Tecnológica de Bolívar
dc.identifier.reponameRepositorio UTB
dc.relation.conferenceplaceSan Juan
dc.relation.conferencedate22 June 2009 through 26 June 2009

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