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dc.creatorGil-González W.
dc.creatorMontoya O.D.
dc.creatorGarces A.
dc.identifier.citationApplied Mathematical Modelling; Vol. 79, pp. 1-17
dc.description.abstractThis paper addresses the problem of control design for hydro-turbine governing systems with surge tanks from the perspective of standard passivity-based control. The dynamic model of a synchronous machine is considered in conjunction with a model of the hydro-turbine to generate an eleventh-order nonlinear set of differential equations. An Euler–Lagrange representati of the system and its open-loop dynamics is developed. Then, the standard passivity-based control is applied to design a global and asymptotically stable controller in closed-loop operation. The proposed control is decentralized to avoid challenges of communication between the hydro-turbine governing systems. The proposed standard passivity-based control approach is compared with two control approaches. First, a classical standard cascade proportional-integral-derivative controller is applied for the governing system, the automatic voltage regulator, and the excitation system. Second, a sliding mode control is also implemented in the governing system. Two test systems were used to validate the performance of the proposed controller. The first test system is a single machine connected to an infinite bus, and the second test system is the well-known Western System Coordinating Council's multimachine system. Overall, simulation results show that the proposed controller exhibits a better dynamic response with shorter stabilization times and lower peaks during the transient periods. © 2019 Elsevier Inc.eng
dc.format.mediumRecurso electrónico
dc.publisherElsevier Inc.
dc.titleStandard passivity-based control for multi-hydro-turbine governing systems with surge tank
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dcterms.bibliographicCitationGil González, W., Garces, A., Fosso, O., Escobar, A., Passivity-based control of power systems considering hydro-turbine with surge tank (2019) IEEE Trans. Power Syst., , 1–1
dc.subject.keywordsDecentralized control approach
dc.subject.keywordsEuler–Lagrange representation
dc.subject.keywordsHydro turbine governing systems
dc.subject.keywordsLyapunov's stability
dc.subject.keywordsStandard passivity-based control
dc.subject.keywordsControl system analysis
dc.subject.keywordsDecentralized control
dc.subject.keywordsDifferential equations
dc.subject.keywordsHydraulic turbines
dc.subject.keywordsLagrange multipliers
dc.subject.keywordsNonlinear equations
dc.subject.keywordsProportional control systems
dc.subject.keywordsScheduling algorithms
dc.subject.keywordsSliding mode control
dc.subject.keywordsSurge tanks
dc.subject.keywordsTwo term control systems
dc.subject.keywordsVoltage regulators
dc.subject.keywordsAsymptotically stable
dc.subject.keywordsAutomatic voltage regulators
dc.subject.keywordsClosed-loop operation
dc.subject.keywordsHydro turbine governing systems
dc.subject.keywordsLyapunov's stability
dc.subject.keywordsPassivity based control
dc.subject.keywordsProportional integral derivative controllers
dc.rights.ccAtribución-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional
dc.identifier.instnameUniversidad Tecnológica de Bolívar
dc.identifier.reponameRepositorio UTB

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