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    • Anatomical Pathology of the Umbilical Cord and Its Maternal and Fetal Clinical Associations in 434 Newborns 

      Olaya-C M.; Gil F.; Salcedo J.D.; Salazar A.J.; Silva J.L.; Bernal J.E. (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2018)
      Introduction: Umbilical cord (UC) abnormalities and their clinical relations in 434 newborns were analyzed. We had previously reported on clinical associations of long and short UCs with any kind of malformation. This study ...
    • Role of VEGF in the differential growth between the fetal and placental ends of the umbilical cord 

      Olaya-C M.; Michael F.; Fabian G.; Luis Silva J.; Bernal J.E.; Garzon A.L. (IOS Press, 2019)
      INTRODUCTION: The umbilical cord (UC) is a vital structure; its alterations affect the newborn and neurological impact can be permanent. Paradoxically, factors that determine it remain unknown. We explore the differential ...
    • Umbilical cord and preeclampsia 

      Olaya-C M.; Salcedo-Betancourt J.; Galvis S.H.; Ortiz A.M.; Gutierrezb S.; Bernal J.E. (IOS Press, 2016)
      Preeclampsia is associated with abnormalities in the umbilical cord in several ways: morphological, biochemical and functional. Alteration in blood vessels of the placenta, decidua and circulatory system of the fetus might ...