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    • Hexagonal filters for ultrasound images 

      Contreras-Ortiz S.H.; Fox M.D. (2014)
      Most of the devices for acquisition and display of medical images use rectangular lattices even though there are other sampling strategies that can be more efficient in terms of resolution. This paper proposes an approach ...
    • Selection of a Stopping Criterion for Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering in Ultrasound Images 

      Guillen J.E.I.; Contreras-Ortiz S.H. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019)
      Ultrasound imaging is a safe and cost-effective diagnostic tool, but the quality of the images is affected by speckle noise and artifacts. Anisotropic diffusion filters can be used to reduce noise and preserve the edges ...
    • Ultrasound image enhancement: A review 

      Contreras Ortiz S.H.; Chiu T.; Fox M.D. (2012)
      Medical ultrasound imaging uses pulsed acoustic waves that are transmitted and received by a hand-held transducer. This is a mature technology that it is widely used around the world. Among its advantages are that it is ...