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    • A Sequential Quadratic Programming Model for the Economic-Environmental Dispatch in MT-HVDC 

      Montoya O.D.; Gil-Gonzalez W.; Garces A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019)
      This paper addresses the economic-environmental dispatch problem for thermal plants on a Multi-terminal HVDC power grid. A multi-objective optimization approach is used for modeling the compromise between fuel costs and ...
    • Linear power flow formulation for low-voltage DC power grids 

      Montoya O.D.; Grisales-Noreña L.F.; González-Montoya D.; Ramos-Paja C.A.; Garces A. (Elsevier Ltd, 2018)
      This paper presents a reformulation of the power flow problem in low-voltage dc (LVDC) power grids via Taylor's series expansion. The solution of the original nonlinear quadratic model is achieved with this proposed ...
    • Power Flow Analysis in DC Grids: Two Alternative Numerical Methods 

      Montoya O.D.; Garrido V.M.; Gil-Gonzalez W.; Grisales-Norena L.F. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019)
      This express brief proposes two new iterative approaches for solving the power flow problem in direct current networks as efficient alternatives to the classical Gauss-Seidel and Newton-Raphson methods. The first approach ...