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    • A multi-user remote academic laboratory system 

      Barrios A.; Panche S.; Duque M.; Grisales V.H.; Prieto F.; Villa J.L.; Chevrel P.; Canu M. (2013)
      This article describes the development, implementation and preliminary operation assessment of Multiuser Network Architecture to integrate a number of Remote Academic Laboratories for educational purposes on automatic ...
    • Academic evaluation protocol for monitoring modalities of use at an Automatic Control Laboratory: Local vs. remote 

      Barrios A.; Duque M.; Canu M.; Villa J.L.; Chevrel P.; Grisales V.H.; Prieto F.; Panche S. (2013)
      This article describes an Academic Evaluation Protocol (AEP) designed and implemented in order to monitor various modalities of using an Automatic Control Laboratory by analyzing the quality of work that can be obtained ...